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UMark lite is a software designed to help you watermark the pictures you share
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We always take out a lot of time securing our data and adding copyright manually to it. But uMark Lite is a great program that helps to add water marks to your data easily. UMark Lite can be used by adding watermarks to the data in the form of text, images. It is customizable if you want to do so. It allows you to decide one out of the nine possible positions to add a watermark, enter the text and also choose the font and the color of the text. Along with that it provides a facility to customize the opacity of the watermark which makes the program irresistible. This program supports batch watermarking and thus process 50 images in one run.
But batch processing does not make it difficult either as it is a faster process. It stores the watermarked image in a new folder and prevents loss of original data. It supports bmp, jpg, gif image formats and the output image format is the same as input. It gives high quality results. It is very flexible in use accurate and also easy to learn. The program also removes the EXIF data from the watermarked copies.
The download process is very easy and fast. The download file size is only 295kb and the output images are clear, high quality and do not make the image blur, but it requires the .Net framework for running and is supported on windows 98/XP/ME/2003. It does not allow multiple lines of text and special characters in the text. So also does not provide facilities for watermark rotating and watermark tiling.

Manoj Goel
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  • It is a faster process compared to manually adding copyrights
  • The original files are not lost in the process
  • Images do not turn blur but remain clear
  • The program is easy to use and learn


  • Requires .Net framework to run
  • Does not support watermark rotating and tiling
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